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(Closed eyes basic Ver.) Sweet Dreams
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(MiRo Closed eyes Ver.) Sweet Dreams

Pre-order : FRI, February 9 2018 at 11:00 pm - Tue, February 13 2018 at 11:59 pm(GMT+9)

As the pre-order period is long enough, kindly give yourself enough time to think before placing an order.
Cancellation will not be entertained once we accept orders.


① Basic goods
* MiRo Closed eyes Ver. Head(No faceup) 
* Mushroom Parts with Airbrushing

* Magnets are included(Head & Parts)
* Certificate of authenticity Card
* Defalt Box
Other items are not included.

② Additional Option
* 11cm Obitsu Body, 2 pairs of hand parts.

We pack HEAD and OBITSU11 BODY separately and send both without assembling.
After receiving, please assembly them yourself.
A instruction manual is not attached, but FAQ(frequnetly asked questions) and photos are attached.
Please refer to them in assembling.

Top page > FAQ > How to attach a head to the Obitsu body.
* Face-up
* Wig : long wave Wig(Violet color)
Other items are not included.


★ Size of MiRo
* Head + Body Size : approx. 11.5cm tall.
* mushroom Parts + Head + Body Size : approx. 13.5cm tall.
* Body Size : approx. 11cm tall(OBITSU)
* Head(wig) : 3.5 ~4 inch

★ Meterial 
* head & mushroom part : resin
* body parts : OBITSU plastic jointed body(11cm)
* Eyes : plastic
* Wig : Synthetic Mohair


★ Note
* Your order will be canceled if we can not confirm your payment within 3 days from the order date.
* Takes 75-90 working days to ship after we receive the payment.
* surface Glitter & Rhinestones can be peeled off easily due to the friction or sharp thing. be carful.
* Fabrics can be changed by another goods in similar design, material because fabrics often are sold out.
* Each dress & wig are entirely handmade, so the one you get may slightly vary from that pictured (length etc.)
* The color of outfit may look different from the actual product according to your monitor.  





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